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Title : No Tears For Hilda
Author :
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ISBN : 9780060804411
Format Type : e-Book
Number of Pages : 366 Pages
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No Tears For Hilda Reviews

  • Roger Pettit
    2019-05-24 20:34

    Andrew Garve wrote a number of workmanlike, competent and entertaining crime and suspense stories, mostly in the 1950s. "No Tears for Hilda" is a typical example. It is the fictional equivalent of some of those black and white cinema thrillers made by British film studios during the same period, usually starring someone such as John Mills or Richard Todd. It is an undemanding, gripping novel that knows exactly what it is doing. Its aim is not to be high literature or to change its readers' perceptions of the world. Its sole purpose is to provide a few hours of diverting reading. And it achieves its aim very effectively.The novel is set in middle class London of the early 1950s. Refugee charity worker Max Easterbrook, who lives and works abroad, comes to London for a month's break. His best friend George Lambert, whom he met while both were prisoners of war, has been charged by the police with the murder of his wife, Hilda. Hilda, it turns out, is a deeply unpleasant woman. Her death, which was intended to appear as suicide, seems to be a clearcut case of wife-murder. George initially lied to the police about his whereabouts. It then transpired that he was at the time having an affair with a pretty young psychiatric nurse, who had been involved in the treatment of his daughter's illness. Max refuses to believe that George is responsible for his wife's killing, despite the circumstantial evidence against him. So, he sets out to prove his friend's innocence. His task is not helped by the fact that Hilda seems at face value to be a nondescript person without an enemy in the world. "No Tears for Hilda" does what it says on the tin. It is a rattling good read. It is not a whodunit. The tension lies less in whether George is, in fact, the murderer, and more in whether Max will get to the truth before George's trial begins. As in most such stories, the characterisation is unsophisticated. Everything depends on the story itself which, though not particularly original, is gripping and entertaining. And, most importantly, Garve writes in a very readable, page-turning style that is ideal for this sort of novel. "No Tears for Hilda" is not a book that will live long in the memory. But it delivers several hours of solidly entertaining reading. 6/10.

  • Jill Robertson
    2019-05-03 03:40

    'No Tears For Hilda' by Andrew Garve is a 1950s classic crime novel. It earns four stars for me for the brilliant character study of Hilda, who we never actually meet as she's dead on the first page of the book. We learn about her through the investigation into her murder, and the descriptions gradually build up a portrait of the woman as she really was - hence the book's title. The story itself is fairly straightforward and holds the reader's interest throughout. However, the dated description of manic-depression is a flaw that modern readers will find alternately laughable and disturbing.

  • Ant Koplowitz
    2019-05-04 03:18

    No Tears for Hilda by the ever-entertaining Andrew Garve is another excellent tightly plotted thriller. This one is the first in a series that featured a recurring amateur detective called Max Easterbrook, and in his first case he is trying to save the life of his best friend George who's been accused of murdering his wife Hilda Lambert. It looks like an open and shut case, with tons of circumstantial evidence stacked against George. So much evidence, in fact, that the police have no option but to arrest him and he faces a trial for murder, with the 1950s penalty being hanging. Is George innocent or guilty? If it wasn't he who murdered Hilda, the seemingly blameless and innocuous wife, then who was it? With no leads and the police and the clock against him, Max has to prove the impossible.Once again Garve creates an immediately believable world and a convincing set of characters (make allowances for the fact that the book was written in the 1950s, so some of the attitudes and dialogue seem a little stilted). His grasp of psychology and the complexities of human behaviour are a rare example of such motivational depth in mainstream crime writing from that period. On balance, I would say that the puzzle elements are slightly less satisfying than some of his later novels, and even allowing for the age of the book I was slightly uncomfortable with the 'woman who deserves all she gets' justification as an undercurrent. But still this is a great book that will have you hooked.© Koplowitz 2013

  • Nick Duretta
    2019-05-12 22:37

    A classic light whodunit. Max Easterbrook is an engaging protagonist, and the mystery is set up very effectively. The culprit becomes a bit obvious too soon, but overall this unfolds nicely.

  • Jimmie Lee Johnson
    2019-05-01 01:42

    Max gets Lambert cleared of Hilda's murder.

  • James A
    2019-05-20 22:30

    A very old-fashioned, but thoroughly entertaining, read. The denoument was not up to Agatha Christie's standards (but, then, whose are? :) ), but, even though I guessed the outcome, it didn't detract from my enjoyment. I'd happily read other books by this author. A well-written, engaging book from a golden era of detective fiction.