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Love or life.Henry or their child.The end of her family or the end of the world.Kate must choose.During nine months of captivity, Kate Winters has survived a jealous goddess, a vengeful Titan and a pregnancy she never asked for. Now the Queen of the Gods wants her unborn child, and Kate can't stop her--until Cronus offers a deal.In exchange for her loyalty and devotion, thLove or life.Henry or their child.The end of her family or the end of the world.Kate must choose.During nine months of captivity, Kate Winters has survived a jealous goddess, a vengeful Titan and a pregnancy she never asked for. Now the Queen of the Gods wants her unborn child, and Kate can't stop her--until Cronus offers a deal.In exchange for her loyalty and devotion, the King of the Titans will spare humanity and let Kate keep her child. Yet even if Kate agrees, he'll destroy Henry, her mother and the rest of the council. And if she refuses, Cronus will tear the world apart until every last god and mortal is dead.With the fate of everyone she loves resting on her shoulders, Kate must do the impossible: find a way to defeat the most powerful being in existence, even if it costs her everything.Even if it costs her eternity....

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  • Emily (Book Jems)
    2019-04-27 23:29

    April of 2013?Okay, so it's been bumped up to February, but still! February of 2013? After that ending? You have to be kidding me.ETA:As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!This review has spoilers from the first two novels in this series. Read at your own risk.The Goddess Inheritance was one of my most anticipated reads for 2013. I was sure after how much I enjoyed book two, Goddess Interrupted, that it would instantly become one of my favorites. Sadly, all it did was disappoint me.The Goddess Test series is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. A lot of people don't like the series, but I found myself loving it. That happens a lot with me. I tend to like books that others don't. The Goddess Inheritance begins nine months after the end of Goddess Interrupted. Kate is being held captive by Cronus and Calliope and about to give birth to her and Henry's child. Calliope has dastardly plans that include revenge on the gods, raising Kate's baby on her own and Kate's death. Cronus wants Kate, his freedom and his rule. It time for Kate to make her decision. Who will live and who will die? Kate's choices will affect not only her baby, her love and her family, but they will determine the future of the whole world.The plot was overloaded, but pretty predictable. I was often bored as I read, which is sad because I'd say this book has the most action of all three novels. Maybe even too much action. The book immediately dives in, and that's where it lost me. In the first twelve percent (of the e-ARC at least), two major plot points occur and then the author adds more and more and more on tops of those scenes, but most of them are immediately solved. It annoyed me to read about these conflicts that were brought up and dealt with in one chapter. (And almost none were resolved the way I wanted them to be.) By the end of the story, so much had happened that I felt like I had just read something from a completely different series, and a story that was much more amateur than the first two books.(view spoiler)[(Random note: HOW COULD NO ONE REALIZE SOMETHING WAS UP WHEN KATE DIDN'T CONTACT ANYONE FOR MONTHS? Forrealz?!) (hide spoiler)]I'm not a big fan of Kate. She makes some lousy decisions, is involved in many miscommunications and she's often dim. There is one part in particular that had me rolling my eyes. An obvious "plot twist" is built and while it took me all of five pages to figure it out, Kate didn't figure out for quite some time. The main reason my rating is what it is is because of Henry and the baby. I'm a sucker for books with babies (I've said this several times). And while Henry isn't the greatest hero, there's something about him that I just love. Besides those two, I wasn't overly fond of any of the characters. I'm bitter and I hold grudges. (You all should keep that in mind.) Even death (*cough*) does not mean you have my pity.By the end of the novel, I truly felt let down. There were small scenes that I enjoyed, but overall, I found myself uninterested. Ms. Carter has a lot of talent, but I don't think the The Goddess Inheritance really showed that. I definitely plan to read more of this author's work. While this book was not my favorite, I still enjoyed the series as a whole and I hope to enjoy her next novel just as much, if not more.(view spoiler)[PS: Ava dies. The baby's name is Milo. Kate's dad is Zeus--if you didn't already realize. Kate and Henry end up together with their son. (hide spoiler)]I received an e-copy of this novel for my honest opinion and review from the publisher via Netgalley.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Stacey
    2019-05-13 00:39

    Ugh that cliffhanger on book 2 was crazy! I want this book NOW!!!

  • Catriona (LittleBookOwl)
    2019-05-25 01:15

    Ooooookay. I have a lot of thoughts on this one. I can't decide between a 1 star or 2 stars, so I'm gonna think through everything and write out a review to organise my feelings about this book :P

  • Gina
    2019-05-03 00:24

    Woah woah woah..EXCUSE ME miss Aimee, but you should have warned me that you were ending your second book with a cliffhanger and that there's a 3rd book BEFORE i went out and read goddess interruppted... I could've held off on the second book but NOOO! You had to let me read it and now make me wait?!! No please dont! What if the world really ends in 2012 or a zombie apocalypse occurs!! Zombies dont read!! If i cant read your book and im a zombie, im going after you first miss aimee!! :'((

  • Ina
    2019-05-16 21:21

    WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? HOW? HOW. CAN. YOU. LEAVE. US. AFTER. A. GIGANTIC. HUMONGOUS. CLIFFHANGER?!I NEED THIS BOOK NOW. I. DEMAND. IT. >:OLmaoo. I really need this book. I can't wait another year for it... Dear Ms. Carter,How could you leave that big of a hang and just walk away? Leaving us readers, DYING for what is going to happen?!?!?!?!?! Thank you for the wonderful story you have given us. PLEASE PUBLISH THE BOOK FASTER!!Sincerely, Your fans.

  • Cyna
    2019-04-30 19:36

    Oh my god that summary. That summary is so fucking far from accurate I can't even. WARNING: this is going to be long and angry and full of unmarked spoilers.Oh my god, I thought I was done being angry about this book. Seriously, like once I hit that last stretch and the ending clusterfuck began and it became abundantly clear that not one significant thing was going to change, I just pfft, stopped caring. Like,I realized that all this time, I'd been waiting for this book to be more. I'd thought Carter had pulled us in for the long con. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, for Carter to jump out of the bushes and yell, "GOTCHA! Hahaha, really had you going there, didn't I? You really thought that I was going to follow through with a fucked-up relationship and "bitches, man" for an entire trilogy! OH YE OF LITTLE FAITHE!" And I was angry because it was taking so GODDAMNED LONG and Kate was being such a GODDAMNED MORON and WHY WOULDN'T THE OTHER SHOE JUST DROP ALREADY?And then I realized that there was no long con. There was no other shoe. No Carter in the bushes, waiting to Melissa-Marr us, no redeeming moral to the story. It just is. The Goddess trilogy really is a series about a woman who finds true love through abduction, imprisonment, emotional blackmail, and a path to marriage so contrived that "arranged" doesn't even begin to do it service. It is a book about a girl who's not even allowed to get out of her teen years before she's manipulated into being wedded and pregnant. It is a book in which men motivate every woman's action, in which their very special love for particular penises makes the world go round, and the inter-gender hate flow. It is a book in which the primary antagonist is written as a hateful, unlovable, irredeemable bitch. It is a book in which we are supposed to accept all of these things uncritically.And I was just out of fucks, man, because how do you even argue with that? I've spent two reviews trying to argue with that, and what more can I say about how vile and awful and fucking infuriating and depressing this whole concept is?I thought I didn't care anymore, I thought I was just out of fucks, and then I went on Goodreads to collect my summary for this review, and all I see are four and five star reviews for this book, and I just...This book is FUCKED UP, you guys. FUCKED UP. I mean, from page one, page fucking one, the story is just irreparably fucked. Kate is fucking PREGNANT. PREGNANT. I know that we knew that already, but it's different, seeing the way it's played out. You open the book, and this emotionally stunted, fucked-up eighteen-year-old girl is giving birth, and it's just like, jesus fucking christ. This is a kid. This is a kid, giving birth, in a book intended for other kids, to a child she WAS FORCED TO BEAR. And you KNOW that this is not going to be about just how awful and emotionally scarring that REALLY is, or whether or not Kate is prepared for its repercussions, or even if she wanted this child in the first place. No, this is pregnancy as a plot device, the most inconsequential, fairytale motherfucking depiction of teen motherhood you will ever see, with a perfect baby, and a body magicked back to normal two minutes after giving birth, and nary a negative thought seen or heard about this motherhood thing, EVER.But why would there be? Because what this really is is Kate, giving birth to her happy ending. This is Kate giving birth to her reward, that thing that no woman's teenage girl's life would be complete without, right? The story will end and Kate will be eighteen and married for eternity, with a child she was forced to conceive and carry, and what more could a woman ask for? Isn't he just the most precious and important and perfect thing on the planet? Man, guess that forced pregnancy thing really worked out for the best, huh? A+, FIVE FUCKING STARS, YEAH?And this is the second fucking chapter.I just, I don't understand how we've gotten to the point where this is acceptable. Where something this horrifying and awful and traumatic can be portrayed in a positive light, and we are fucking okay with that. But that's what this entire series is: fucking horrendous, awful things happening to this girl and being portrayed in a positive light.But oh god, if there's anyone who tank any sympathy that I would have garnered for her after the awful things she's been through, it's Kate. Kate is...really kind of a bafflingly awful character. She is still, after three freaking books here, insecure on a level that I think is borderline insane, and I'm not even being facetious when I say that. Three books, and this girl is still, STILL, teetering on the edge of an emotional breakdown, should the people she bases her life around leave her. She's still an utter fucking misogynist, and STILL has such a martyr complex that for a good 50% of the book, all she does is offer to sacrifice herself for other people. This girl is a train wreck of misplaced anger and spunky agency and romantic paranoia that makes her unlikable and almost unreadable, and the book does not one damn thing about it. And it's not like it doesn't know, the book is aware of at least some of this, because characters lampshade things like Kate's willingness to sacrifice herself for other people. And yet it doesn't change.That is what I was waiting for - emotional development on Kate's part. Isn't that the whole point? Why else give her such massive, infuriating character flaws? But if a shift in perspective came, I missed it. I suspect that if Kate was to have developed at all, the catalyst was perhaps supposed to have been the ending, but if that's the case, I hardly even know what to say. "Too little, too fucking late" comes to mind. I spent 90% of the book in the mind of Asshole Kate, what do I care if she somehow miraculously evolves too late to really change a goddamn thing, and right in time to ride off into the sunset?Really, though, Goddess Inheritance is just shit with its female characters in general, which I suppose isn't surprising; the series' subtitle should have been Internalized Misogyny in Action. Aside from so-fucked-there's-not-even-a-proper-word-for-it Kate, Ava/Aprodite and Calliope/Hera are the major female players, and as usual, their roles are an infuriating mess.If we're to go by the narrative, I would say that Avadite has probably the most thankless role. When we last saw her, Ava's husband had been captured, and she was being blackmailed into betraying Kate to Calliope to presumably keep him from death or harm. Nine months later, and apparently Ava has been hanging around and tending to Kate while she is Calliope's hostage, but somehow also reporting back to Walter (Zeus) and the Council (Olympians) as a spy?I don't really understand this, on a number of different levels. For one, you would think that if you had sided with the enemy to the point that you're pretty much a permanent resident in their HQ, you wouldn't just be able to pop back over to the "good guys'" base to chat and catch up without somebody noticing or trying to stop you. And yet, this is how Inheritance starts: Ava, at Olympus, chatting with her "daddy", Zeus. In person. Updating him about what's going on with Kate, and curling up in his lap for comfort and support.Yeah, literally. This grown-ass, immortal, ancient goddess is curled up in her father's fucking lap LIKE A CHILD, that's not demeaning or infantalizing in the least, right? BUT I DIGRESS.Afterwards, Ava is somehow able to pop back over to Cronus' headquarters and resume tending to Kate, without anyone being the wiser, apparently. And I'm assuming she does this a lot, because she's been keeping Zeus appraised of Kate's condition for NINE MONTHS. Yet nobody noticed, nor did the other side take advantage of this apparent lapse in security. Excellent.For two, was Ava's being a spy supposed to be some sort of secret? To us or Kate? You wouldn't think so, given how the book opens on Ava reporting to Zeus, and yet the public reveal that Ava has been acting on behalf of Zeus the entire time is treated as some sort of twist. That could perhaps be because it was surprising to Kate, but that doesn't really make sense, either. By the time we get to the point where Ava is publicly revealed as a spy, Kate has seen Ava relay information over the Council at least once, has heard that it's a regular thing, and has been on the receiving end of Ava's help multiple times. Buuuut somehow she still hadn't put it together?Here's why that's so confusing, though: through the whole book, Kate treats Ava like absolute shit for helping Calliope. And okay, it's not like Ava is blameless, here, and I'll be the first to say that I hate that she was man-tivated into that position, but as far as Kate is concerned, Ava's doing all these things because her husband is being held captive. His life is at stake, and while I don't think it lets her off the hook entirely, I do think it's deserving of a little empathy, right? Fuck, Kate even agrees that if their roles were reversed, she would have betrayed the shit out of Ava for Henry.But apparently none of this matters, because Kate just mercilessly flings hatred in Ava's direction for the entire goddamned book.Seriously, the level of nastiness levied towards Ava by Kate is just astounding, so much so that even other characters notice, and speculate on whether or not her resentment is being magically bolstered by Calliope. Kate comes to the conclusion that it's not, though; she just really hates Ava for a great laundry list of things resulting from her betrayal, and no amount of Ava apologizing or taking care of her child or helping her escape will ease that resentment. No, Ava literally has to sacrifice herself for Kate before she is able to consider forgiving her.Well, that's not exactly true - and this is where that did-she-or-didn't-she know about Ava being a spy comes into play. It's actually when Zeus reveals that Ava was working on his behalf the entire time that Kate first begins to start to forgive her.I genuinely do not understand this.How does that make Ava's actions any better? How is allowing Kate to suffer for strategic value somehow better than acting under duress because someone else's life is at stake? Not to say there isn't an argument to be made for the former, but from Kate's perspective? SERIOUSLY? How is THAT somehow more acceptable? "Oh, well, gosh, I guess if she was doing it pragmatically for her dad instead of emotionally for herself, well, that just makes it all okay."No fucking sense.But that's Ava's arc! Blackmailed for her husband, used by her father, ultimately killed in the climax to atone for her "sins" and possibly teach Kate a lesson about her misogyny, depending on how much credit we're actually giving the book. Kate does take it very personally, because HOW DARE YOU KILL SWEET WONDERFUL AMAZING APHRODITE?Careful, Kate, change positions any faster and we're all going to have to be treated for whiplash.Then there's Hera. Oh my fucking God, Hera. Or, sorry, Calliope, and yeah, the god-name thing is still stupid and confusing. Anyway, Hera. Fucking Maleficent had more nuance. The Evil Queen from Snow White looks at Hera and goes "Goddamn lady, you need to chill. And perhaps consider taking up a hobby." If there's a character that's more of a traffic jam of awful sexist stereotypes and tropes, I haven't seen them...Lots fucking more at You're Killing.Us.

  • Chelsie Hinds
    2019-05-26 20:18

    I'm disappointed. I don't even have the will to explain why I've rated this book so low. It just didn't turn out at all like I wanted it too. I think Carter really wanted to focus more on Kate in this book, as opposed to making the entire book about Henry and Kate, which sounds interesting in theory but, at least for Aimee Carter, is not so in practice. Turns out, ironically, that a book primarily about Kate's choices and inward battles is about as interesting and well-written as a 10-year old's diary. By the end of this novel, I started to dislike Kate. It's unfortunate because in the first novel, I loved her. But I think becoming a goddess and a mother and having Henry has made her a little too full of herself. She's convinced she can save the day in every situation, which surprisingly she can, even though that is completely illogical.And let's talk about logic for a minute, because this entire novel was completely devoid of logic. I know this is a fantasy novel but in terms of logistics and the likelihood of things turning out the way they should, this book completely went against everything that would have made sense.For example:(view spoiler)[ Cronus and Rhea are supposed to be equal in power but somehow, Rhea was able to subdue Cronus in seconds without breaking a sweat. Or how about the fact that Rhea mourned over the loss of Calliope but cared not at all about Ava, her granddaughter, having sacrificed herself. Or can we just talk about how Kate, for the large majority of the novel, was so angry with Ava that she didn't even want to speak to or see her, and yet Cronus she decides to visit from time to time despite the fact that he wanted to kill and could have killed every one that she loved? Can we talk about that?! (hide spoiler)]I only gave this novel two stars because of Henry and his moments with Kate, though I could count them with one hand. I love Henry. I think he's perfect. But Just no.Like I said, I am gravely disappointed with the ending to this series.Pre-release review:My oh my. I'm so in love with this series. And so ridiculously in love with Henry! The cliffhanger was sick. I've been going crazy. Luckily, Aimee has blessed us with brilliantly crafted novellas. However, I just can't wait until this book comes out. I'm going to get it the day of!! The short clip of this book in Goddess Interrupted was crazy! Henry promises to be just as spectacular as he was in the last two books. Not to mention, the clip hints at the fact that we'll see narration centered around Henry. We'll be able to get in his head!! I can't take it!!If you haven't begun reading this series, I urge you to do it now!! I don't regret the day I did. It is soo awesome! There will be times you will get annoyed with the characters, but any good reader will get frustrated with the characters. But you will grow to love them as I have. I'm so sad that the series will come to an end with this book. But I look forward to more from Aimee Carter!!

  • Rue~alwaysa1directioner~
    2019-04-26 00:22

    WTF!!!! How can she end the book with such a cliff-hanger and make us wait half a YEAR for it??? This is torture. Seriously, I would rather be killed by Cronus than suffer this torture.

  • Ashley
    2019-04-25 20:35

    BookNook — Young Adult book reviewsIn my review of Goddess Interrupted I complained about the lack of action. Well, folks, The Goddess Inheritance totally makes up for that! This book was full of action, twists, turns, love, hate, revenge, heartbreak, and everything else in the world! Aimée Carter rocked my world with this book!I almost don't know where to begin... I enjoyed the first two books in the Goddess Test series, but I ADORED this one. The Goddess Inheritance is the perfect conclusion. It's intense, it's satisfying, and it ties up all the ends. The book was so full of emotion, I was constantly giggling, smiling, or near tears.Kate is still a great character; she feels so real! A few people don't like that she cries several times throughout the series, but I actually like it. I know that if I were in her shoes and my family members were all in danger and all hope seemed lost, I would totally break down in an OCEAN of tears. But in between her breakdowns, Kate is strong. She doesn't just cry and then sit on her ass and sulk; she goes out and finds solutions. She tries to right her wrongs and contribute to her family when everyone else tells her she's useless. Not all of her plans work, but she doesn't give up hope, and I really admire that. I think that's what makes Kate such an amazing character and one that I love to read about!Kate's relationship with Henry was as intense as ever in The Goddess Inheritance! The happy moments were oh-so-sweet and swoony and deliciously romantic! And the sad bits were heartbreaking and aggravating! I was frustrated and upset and happy and confused and I LOVED IT! They definitely face challenges and I loved that they never gave up.Ava really shined in this book. I was kind of mad at Kate for how she treated Ava when the truth was kind of obvious.. but I really loved seeing a different side to Ava, especially when it came to her relationship with Nicholas. I'm used to seeing Ava as the flirty, giggly girl, but in The Goddess Inheritance we see a more serious, devoted side to her.Also, Cronus was an insanely awesome character. He's powerful, he's all kinds of creepy, and a bit like a psychopath. He's like a crazy murderer who suddenly decides he's in love but really he's all creepy and possessive and has to blackmail his way into a 'relationship'. And the odd thing was that I almost started to sympathize with him. Sometimes there was a little voice in the back of my head rooting for Cronus. With one hand he destroys the lives of millions of people, and with the other he makes sweet and romantic promises. I almost felt myself believing them!The Goddess Inheritance is the perfect end to the trilogy with a bittersweet ending that had me in tears. My only disappointment is that the series is now over. This book had me wanting to read more and more—or even from Ava or Nicholas's point of view. Please, Aimée!

  • If it ain't good I don't read it !
    2019-05-12 22:26

    There should state somewhere in the law, that authors can not publish a book until their done the whole series. Cause I mean come on, there they are, these amazing writers who write the epicist books, then finish it with an awesome cliffhanger, and the next books release date is like a year away. ITS PURE TORTURE I TELL YOU TORTURE !!!!!

  • Farrah
    2019-05-22 02:41

    GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!I need this book now! That cliffhanger at the end of book two was earth-shattering. Ugh, I can't wait to get my hands on this book.EDIT: This review also appears on my blog at http://www.thegoldenruleof666.blogspo...So much occurred in The Goddess Inheritance that I'm still digesting everything, 2 days after reading the book. I'm still a little speechless, but I can say that this book was a wonderful end to a lovely series.I had one issue with this book, so I'm going to get it out of the way first. Kate began the series as a strong character. That was the reason that I liked her so much. But during this book, she was a freaking watering pot. Maybe it was just the post pregnancy hormones, but she just burst into tears about everything. And a couple of characters in the book even mention it. Kate is usually strong; it really irritated me that she was being a baby and sobbing every few pages. By the end, she realizes how ridiculous she is being and toughens up. That helped, but I was still annoyed. Now, let's get to the positive.After pulling herself together, Kate proved how much she had grown throughout the series. At the end, I was able to see how strong and compassionate she had become. So, in the end, I admired her greatly.Henry was such a sweetheart in this book; I swear, he made my heart melt. He was just SO adorable. And he grew as a character as well. He was able to move past everything that used to hold him back and become a true hero. I loved him anyway, but,because of that, now I love him even more.Since the major bumps in their relationship were smoothed, Kate and Henry were such a lovely couple. They brought out the strength in each other and weathered through the possible apocalypse together. It was nice to see a relationship that had been put through so much to finally prosper.Milo, Kate and Henry's son, was SO cute! Oh my goodness, I loved that little baby. I don't want to say too much about him so that I don't spoil anything, but he was so adorable. Even though, obviously, he doesn't directly play a role in the situation, he was a constant presence. His existence is what spurs Kate and Henry to fight with everything they have in them. And Henry was SUCH an adorable father. He so obviously adored his son, it was precious, especially because we know that he hasn't had that ever in his thousands of years long life. Kate was also a devoted parent. Even though she may not have planned on Milo, she was still a wonderful mother to him.The other character also had their growth. All the other main gods and goddesses changed: Walter/Zeus, Ava/Aphrodite, Diana/Demeter, James/Hermes. So many dimensions were added to their character, that I began to feel like they were almost real people. Someone dies in this book, and I won't say who. I'll let that torment you until you find out. But the emotional aspects of it were very well done. If I hadn't been almost asleep because I refused to go to bed until I finished the book, I probably would have cried. The action in the book was constant-obviously, since they were in a war. The solution to the problem was very clever. I would never have thought about it. But it managed to bring in a certain aspect that seemed minor before into full play. The emotions in this book were palpable. The Goddess Inheritance brought in so much and that new baggage brought in so much more emotion. The ending was perfect for the series. It was bittersweet. Happy because of the outcome of the war and the main relationship. But sad because of all that transpired during the war and all the emotion that was drawn up. And I had to say goodbye to all of the characters that I grew to care for throughout the series. Once again, emotional. The Goddess Inheritance was a wonderful ending to the Goddess Test series. To all fans of these series, you will love the final book. And, finally, farewell to all the beloved characters. I love you guys!Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin TEEN for a copy!

  • Zoë
    2019-04-25 20:32

    2.5/5Hmmmm... I was just not feeling this series after The Goddess Test. I loved the first book but the last two were pretty disappointing. The story took a weird turn ESPECIALLY in this book and everything seemed to be solved a little too easily. Also, I never really understood Greek gods in this series. After just finishing the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series where every aspect of the Greek god's role in humanity was described and fleshed out, I felt like The Goddess Test's interpretation was never explained and fell short. I lost all connection to the characters after the first book because all we really saw was Kate's thoughts and the other gods momentarily as they went from place to place. I didn't give this book a lower rating, however, because there were times where the writing engaged me and I was entertained. For the most part, however, I would not recommend this series past the first book, unfortunately. I really had high hopes for this series because of my love for both romance and Greek mythology and it makes me sad to rate the last two books so low.

  • Nemo (The Moonlight Library)
    2019-05-11 22:34

    See this review and more on The Moonlight Library!Sadly, after three novels and two novellas, I still do not have a firm grasp on Carter’s concept of immortality.Immortality, in this world, seems to mean a person who cannot feel pain, does not need to breathe, will only cease to exist if humans stop believing in them, yet can die of blood loss (Theo) or having their skulls bashed in (Aphrodite). Some of them can be returned from the Underworld, and some can not. It depends on the plot. When in the Underworld, they are free to travel yet are unable to access the Underworld without a sanctioned guide like Hades or Hermes. There is no ceremony to be granted immortality nor when it is taken away, it just simply is. An immortal can be murdered by a greater being (Titan) or a weapon made of the same material as a Titan. Once murdered by a Titan they will cease to exist, even in the Underworld, though if someone else ‘kills’ them they can be retrieved from the Underworld. An immortal can give up their immortality but they might be killed immediately like Persephone or be allowed to live a mortal life and regain their immortality once their mortal form dies (Demeter).So as you can see, the concept of immortality gave me a massive headache with all its rule bending and vagueness. Instead of immortality being, you know, immortality, it had all these rules and escape clauses and instead of knowing for sure everyone would live into next century because they are IMMORTAL you never knew who was going to die next. Or if it would be permanent, if they would be in the Underworld or completely obliterated from existence.To totally exacerbate my already ambivalent feelings towards this series is the fact that Kate has changed so much from the brave, mouthy, sassy heroine from The Goddess Test who wasn’t afraid to tell the most powerful creatures in the world to basically fuck off, into this simpering, stupid one-track-minded girl who cried all the freaking time and was completely helpless. Not only was she helpless, but the other characters ensured she remained helpless. The only thing she did in this novel was try to sacrifice herself and cry.The other gods didn’t want to teach her how to fight, or how to protect herself, or even how to help them. Apparently they were all so tire of all the fighting that happened off page and was never explained at all to the point I grew frustrated with the lack of details. It felt like the gods were just sitting around all day on their asses!The other thing that made me so mad I was so very strongly tempted to not finish this book was the absolutely appalling portrayal of women and the male character’s attitudes towards women. If you’re not Kate, you’re a selfish slut. If you are Kate, other characters will accuse you of being a slut or hope you’ll become one. I get that Kate is all of 20 years old but even she has hostile feelings towards the three female characters that should be strong (Ava, Calliope and Persephone) but all she ever thinks is how awful they are. It’s true their actions all revolve around men, but I was hoping for better character development rather than all of Kate’s competition be vilified like this. After reading about how horrible Demeter was to Persephone in The Goddess Legacy I couldn’t even like Kate’s own mother.I was actually insulted and offended by the portrayal of women in this book. Calliope’s voice is described on multiple occasions as ‘girlish’ – as if that’s something we’re supposed to find villainous. Ava desperately tries to work both sides and is hated by pretty much everyone even though she’s desperate to save her husband’s life. Kate has already decided she hates Ava so she doesn’t even want to talk to her, let alone try to understand where Ava is coming from. And welcome back to Persephone whose re-introduction shows us she’s more concerned with her garden being trampled than with her family coming to visit her. Meanwhile, James is written to be awesome and smitten with Kate (WHO WOULD JOKE ABOUT HAVING AN AFFAIR?), Walter can’t do a thing wrong, and even Phillip steps in to save the day at least once.There are other female gods, but they’re not as important as Diana, Ava, Calliope, and Persephone. The women in this novel are either Kate’s mother, competition or not worth writing about. Calliope and Persephone are loathed for either being in love with Henry or not being in love with Henry, Ava is slut shamed throughout the whole novel and even the entire series despite being the goddess of, shall we say, ‘sluts’. Diana isn’t competition to Kate and therefore is only there to provide a shoulder to cry on, to clean Kate back up before sending her into the fray.And another thing that made me mad was a whole bunch of stupid crap over having a baby. Kate’ pregnancy was announced at the end of the last novel, and then we skip forward nine months to his birth at the beginning of this novel. After he’s born, he survives not on milk or medicine but on love, and Kate gets her pre-baby body back, boobs and all. There is absolutely no struggle or conflict to do with raising him – no sleepless nights or changing diapers or sore boobs or failed breastfeeding – nope, it’s all perfect peachy roses and the conflict is all external and blamed on another character.Henry also sucked. There were some sweet clumsy moments when he and Kate were together but Kate was doing that stupid typical YA heroine thing of NOT TELLING HIM ANYTHING. It wasn’t a nice relationship to watch. They have been together for all of a month and Kate hasn’t even sat her butt on her Underworld throne to help Henry with his job, and she’s talking about how much she loves their life together. It’s just insipid. I hate that word, but it’s an accurate description.Goddess, Interrupted was not a bad book per se – just incredibly boring and into the slut shaming. I was actually offended by the portrayal of women in The Goddess Inheritance, and I’m lucky I read an ebook because unfortunately at the end of the book I was really tempted to just do this:Burn baby, burn.Thanks to HarlequinTEEN and Netgalley for providing this advanced reader copy for an honest review.

  • Anne
    2019-05-21 21:33

    Yay! Another trilogy bites the dust in 2013!The GoodIt is relatively short.The Not-As-GoodI didn't like Kate. She's at best an idiot.I didn't like Henry. He's boring.It was painful watching Kate screw up over and over again, and I was kind of hoping by the end that Walter/Zeus would just zap her and put us all out of our misery.Ugh.I've wasted enough time on the book as it is, and I just don't have the strength left to go on about all the things that annoyed me.Whatever. I finished it.Blech.

  • Suzanne
    2019-05-16 23:21

    Spoilers for previous booksI read the first two books in this series last year, and I really enjoyed them. Unlike some readers, who couldn't take to Henry, I did, and I was really rooting for him and Kate as a couple. The ending of Goddess Interrupted, which ends on a cliffhanger when we find out that Kate is pregnant and being betrayed to Cronus and Calliope by Ava, who she thought was her best friend, left me reeling and I was really looking forward to picking up The Goddess Inheritance.Kate is being held prisoner on the island where the original six have Cronus trapped. Henry or her mother don't know anything has happened to her, or about her pregnancy, as Ava's been telling them that they're still in Africa where Kate and Ava where supposed to be heading to locate Rhea, also a Titan and mother of Henry, and maybe their only hope to stop Cronus. Kate is in her ninth month of pregnancy when Ava finally goes and confesses to Henry about what happened to Kate, and he immediately goes to her rescue. But Calliope, goddess of marriage and fertility, who made Kate get pregnant, now makes her go into labour early, and takes the baby. Cronus tells Kate he'll make sure the baby is safe if she'll stay with him and become his queen for eternity when he takes over the world, as he plans to escape the island at the winter solstice, if not, he'll kill the humans and the gods and destroy the world. Kate leaves with Henry, and Cronus begins the war by wiping out Athens.Henry and Kate have had their fair share of relationship problems in previous books but I was always behind them. In this book, I felt they were a much more united front, and Henry's love for Kate is undeniable, having been doubted before. James in prominent in this book too. He helps Kate out a lot, and together they both do what they can to help in the war, as the rest of the gods feel Kate is not strong enough yet to participate in battle. There's no love triangle, Kate only has eyes, and love, for Henry, though James does tell her he wants to be her first affair :)This book ended, almost, perfectly for me. We do suffer a loss, and that was my only negative, but still, I could see why it was necessary. There's a hint given at the end of this book that this may not be the end of the Goddess Test series. I would of course, give any more books a go, but hopefully they'd be good. Not just more books for the sake of prolonging the series unnecessarily, which in my opinion, rarely works.

  • Nasty Lady MJ
    2019-05-07 02:21

    Really 1.5 stars but I'm in a particularly foul mood today so I'm rounding it down rather than up. To see full review click here.So, you want to see how Kim Kardashian is going to be as a mother? Well, read The Goddess Inheritance. Actually, Kim will probably be a better mother than Kate she'll at least hire a nanny and won't, you know, abandon her baby to stay with her evil kidnappers throughout most know what, let's talk about the book.I was not enthralled this piece of shit at all.Yeah, I'm calling it what it is. A piece of shit.Okay, piece of shit might be a little too harsh. To be honest this book reminded me a lot like one of those direct to video Disney sequels. Specifically Aladdin and the King of Thieves. You know the third Aladdin movie (oh yeah, there's three Aladdin movies and a sequel-how's that for a whole new world). For all of those of you who are Disney inept, I'll explain. You've probably seen advertisements for Disney sequels. Most of them our downright horrible and our only made for television babysitting purposes. Aladdin was the first Disney movie to get its direct to video sequel in, The Return of Jafar and boy was it a piece of shit. A piece of shit that got it's own sequel which was awful it's own right, but was just a tad bit better than well...The Return of Jafar. That's sort of what The Goddess Inheritance was like. Awful its own regard, but when compared to that second book in the series it wasn't well that bad.So what was so bad about this one? All I have to say is Kim Kardashian is going to be a better mother than Kate. That should give you some insight right there. Let's talk about my stanch on pregnancy in YA. I don't hate it....if it's portrayed realistically. Which means I more often than not hate it. I feel like the pregnancies you see in these books are glamorized to the point where some of the more gullible readers (and I hate to say after watching 16 and Pregnant and reading some family law cases they do) will think that getting knocked up at sixteen is going to be some sort of fairytale. It's not. Your not instantly going to be able to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans or bras like Kate does. You're not going to instantly want to have sex again like Kate does. You're not going to have a perfect little baby like Kate does that acts like a doll that only needs love.Only needs love.Look having a kid is expensive. And as much as the movies want to tell you, you need more than love to raise a kid. You not only have to feed and clothe your child, you have to pay for its schooling, its medical care, its entertainment. It's not cheap.But oh little Milo-whose name Kate randomly decides on without even consulting her husband to see if he likes it (great coparenting there Kate) only needs love not his mother's milk which is why I guess he's okay after being kidnapped for so long. Not that it would matter much to Kate since she'd rather have her kid die than risk the rest of the world's death.Altruistic yes. But do you think most mother's would react that way?What I'm saying is the motherhood bits are completely unrealistic.And I'm sad to say that's how all other characterization was handled in this installment. Henry is a man-cessory per usual whose only role is to be handsome enough for all the girls to lust after-including the villain who according to the source material would want nothing to do with Kate's Henry bag. Though I guess, it's okay since most of the guys save for a few are lusting over Kate and her instantly hot postpartum body too (hello, Mary Sue).Honestly, I think a lot of the characterization problems were from a lack of research. I think Carter only did minimum research for these books because lots of things about the gods that you could find reading Wikipedia weren't even addressed. It just didn't make sense. Much like the plot which seemed to be illy paced. Remember how nothing, nothing happened in the last one? Well, tons of shit happened in this one but it past so awful that you' d have just long periods of moping. And the resolution...well, it was a dumb as the rest.And you know what the sad thing is, there's potential according to what it says at the end of this book for even more sequels. Are we turning into Cassandra Clare here?Best Feature: It's over (hopefully). At least Carter knew when to pull her series, I think. Because at the end it says the Goddess test has ended for now which has me wondering and shuddering. Please, Carter don't do it.Worst Feature: Ugh, I don't know. I really don't know. Lots of things bothered me about this one. I think I'll go with the obvious though. Anti-feminist culture. Throughout the book the slut slamming and Kate's actions just ring of slut slamming. I really, really hated it. I also hated how Kate needed a man to be complete and instead of being an active partner Henry was little more than a Ken doll.Appropriateness: Um, no. I don't think so. It glorifies teen marriage and pregnancy with very little consequences. Heck, the man-cessory and Kate hardly have an argument. It's like Barbie and Ken living together, scratch that since Barbie and Ken actually got a divorce at one point.The language is fairly mild, but there is sex here and some battle scenes as well.

  • Zoe
    2019-05-17 00:43

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CLIFF HANGER!I DEMAND THE 3RD BOOK AND UM WHAT ITS THE LAST WHY HOW WHAT! 2013 april I WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can't wait to hear from henrys perspective like on how he sees kate and his sitch whats the kid gonna be like i wonder and i sooooo hope that wasnt forshadowing when he says he would save his family even if it caust him his life!OMG I CANT WAIT!!!!HENRY AND KATE FOREVER!!!!!!!

  • Cande
    2019-05-09 03:27

    Nota general a toda la serie: 1.5Nota: Spoilers, muchísimos spoirlers de la trilogía entera. Están avisados.Ahora sí.Resumen general de la trilogía, así se ahorran el tiempo de leer la sinopsis: protagonista sosa y dócil, de corazón de oro y mente ingenua, que ha vivido la vida que su madre y el Consejo más les gustaba. Tras pasar unas patéticas pruebas se convierte en Reina del Inframundo, en reemplazo de su hermana, y más tarde, en una diosa menor. Se enamora perdidamente de su esposo, que aunque más de una vez parece despreciarla, en realidad, simplemente no sabe demostrar su gratitud. Tienen un romance apresurado y fogoso, lleno de inseguridades y desconfianza. Él sufre porque sigue enamorado de su primera esposa, la que lo abandonó por un hombre mortal y a la que obligó a vivir una vida miserable. Ella sufre por la indiferencia y la falta de manoseo. A pesar de la amenaza de muerte, se las arreglan para tener escenitas de celos, enojos, declaraciones de amor verdadero y sacrificios de amor puro, que repiten a lo largo de los tres libros. Como condimento tenemos a los otros personajes, seres unidimensionales de los que no vamos a gastar ni saliva para hablar de ellos. Nuestra querida protagonista termina embarazada en el tercer libro, y da luz en su prisión. Comienza la guerra. Le quitan el nene, le dan el nene, se lo vuelven a quitar, se lo vuelven a sacar. Hace dos mil tratos para salvar a su familia, aunque todas terminan fracasando. Finalmente, después vueltas y giros inesperados-no-tan-inesperados, la batalla es ganada gracias al poder del amor. Final feliZ para todos. Fin de la historia. La idea ni siquiera es buena, parece el argumento de una película de acción muy mala. La forma en que se desarrolló es pésima, de hecho, no creo que la autora conozca la palabra desarrollo. El malo tiene un móvil débil que pierde el sentido muy rápido. Termina siendo una lectura lenta y aburrida, a ratos muy irritante.Nada de lo que pasa en este libro se siente real, y las reacciones de los personajes es muy inverosímil. Los lazos de amistad son apresurados y forzados; en el primer día de escuela (allá por el primer libro) Kate ya tiene amigos, que en un par de semanas se convierten en sus mejores amigos. ¿De verdad? Es una amistad de lazos tan fuertes e incondicionales que pierde sentido, no pueden estar tan unidos si apenas se conocen, no me jodan.Con la relación amorosa pasa lo mismo, Kate cae perdidamente enamorada de Henry apenas se conocen y a los pocos capítulos se declara fan número uno de sus abdominales. No sólo es una relación apresurada, sino que no es linda. Aunque en el primer libro Henry se muestra cariñoso e incondicional, todo cambia en el segundo por una estúpido malentendido que lleva a una más estúpida escenita de celos. Henry se muestra frío y distante, porque el pobrecito está lidiando con sentimientos contradictorios y complejos. Pero esa no es excusa, chicos. Porque ignora a Kate y la hace sentir mal, y más allá de lo irritante que es esta mina, no se merece este sufrimiento. La verdad que tenés razón Henry, no te la mereces, por más patética que sea, no te la te mereces. De mitología griega lo único que hay son los nombres de los dioses. Ah no, paren, ni eso. Están totalmente deformados, parece un pésimo chiste. No sé, quizás la autora intentó humanizarlos; hacerlos amar y odiar, de que sientan dolor y pena, pero terminaron siendo unos personajes unidimensionales, sin la grandeza y sabiduría que representan los dioses. Se convierten en jovencitos con ganas de armar drama al pedo.Kate es insoportable, es un personaje tan patético. Se la pasa lloriqueando y echándose la culpa de todo, haciendo escenitas de celo y discursos sobre la familia y el amor. No crece en lo absoluto a lo largo de los libros, empieza siendo sosa, termina siendo sosa. Uff. El resto de los personajes, como comenté más arriba, son tan ridículos que no vamos ni a gastarnos en hablar de ellos.Uno podría esperar, o por lo menos mi parte ingenua esperaba, una crítica al machismo de la sociedad griega. Pero de hecho no, alimenta ese sexismo opresor. Arg. Y también con esa protagonista, ¿cómo podía esperar un grito de fuerza? No sé si reír por el final de la trilogía, por lo ridículo que es, o llorar por lo terrible que es como conclusión. No tiene ningún sentido. Todo termina bien porque el poder del amor siempre prevalece. ¿En serio? La autora intentó hacerlo agridulce pero le salió muy mal. Muy mal.Finalemente quiero expresar mi amor hacia a Calliope, porque nadie parece entenderla y porque su muerte me hizo mal. Era el mejor personaje de la historia de lejos, mucho más compleja y real de lo que los otros pueden ser juntos. Lo único que me molestó mucho fue la necesidad de armar un triángulo amoroso. Cuando convirtieron la venganza de Calliope en un sufrimiento por su amor no correspondido la cagaron, la cagaron feo. Su venganza perdió fuerza y el argumento pareció más ridículo de lo que ya era.Me enfermó que nadie lamentara su perdida. Fue una hija de puta cierto, pero por milenios FUE SU FAMILIA. Y eligió ese camino porque USTEDES LA DESPRECIABAN. Walter no es el único culpable, más allá de la engañó y la hizo sufrir, ninguno de sus otros hermanos hizo algo para ayudarla. Le dieron la espalda, la dejaron sufrir sola. Y después se lavaron las manos cuando decidió matarlos a todos. ¿Cómo puede ser que nadie entienda su dolor? ¿Cómo puede ser que todos cierren los ojos al sufrimiento que le dieron? ¿Ni siquiera un poco de comprensión, de entender porque lo hizo? Arg. Como me dan asco. Mejor paro porque empiezo a llorar de nuevo.Y para deleite, les dejo algunas fragmentos de este impresionante libro:"Todo el aire escapó de mis pulmones. Esto era todo. Él iba a morir. Iba a perder a mi esposo, a mi bebé, a mi familia entera a manos de una diosa loca que no le importaba a quien lastimaba, siempre y cuando se saliera con la suya. Por tanto tiempo como llegara a torturarme." "¿Eso fue todo? Después de todo lo que había pasado, ¿eso era todo lo que él estaba dispuesto a darme? No se ofreció a enseñarme él mismo, no es que lo esperara, y lo habría rechazado de cualquier modo, pero aun así. No hay intención de insistir que me quede a salvo. Sólo permiso para salir fuera y morir si eso era lo que yo buscaba."¿Aún así qué, Kate? ¿Que es lo que querés? Decís que lo odiás, que no lo necesitás tu vida. Pero tus acciones dicen otra cosa, querida. Lo querés, querés que te cuide, que te atienda. Estás totalmente necesita de amor. Y ni el amor de Henry ni Milo van a ocupar el lugar en el que debían ir tus propios padres. En serio me das pena, te tocó una familia de mierda."Inhalé bruscamente, y un dolor peor que cualquier cosa que Cronos pudiera lanzarme se enterró en mi pecho. Ella me hubiera dejado. Mi propia madre me hubiera abandonado si no hubiera pasado."¿Necesitás otro ejemplo, Kate? Tu madre nunca fue realmente una buena madre, dejá de idealizarla. Te mintió toda tu vida con excusas patéticas, te tuvo en reemplazo de la hija que la decepción para salvar a su hermano querido, te moldeó y trazó tu vida como más le gustó. Al final siempre terminaste haciendo lo que ella quería.Y a su otra hija la obligó a permanecer en un matrimonio monótono y horrible, a tener una vida miserable, ignorando sus suplicas porque tarde o temprano todo mejoraría. Y cuando al fin Perséfone consigue ser feliz y tener el amor que se merece, la ignoró y repudió. ¡LA IGNORÓ Y REPUDIÓ! ¿Qué clase de madre hace eso? ESTE NO ES UN BUEN MODELO DE MADRE, para nada."La multitud se separó, y una chica que no podía tener más de trece caminó con pies descalzos por el camino. Sus ojos resaltaban contra su piel oscura, y ella llevaba una colorida bufandaalrededor de su cabeza."¿De verdad? ¿Esta es la forma de describir a una diosa poderosa y peligrosa? No me hagan reír." -Ahora veo la salida del sol-dijo-Debido a ti, los días tiene color. La eternidad tiene sentido una vez más. Encontraste cada pieza rota de mí y la justaste de nuevo, a pesar de que te lastimé tanta veces como para no merecerte. Eres el pegamento que me mantiene unido. Si te pierdo, será mi final."" -No, no lo sientes. Sientes haber perdido aquello que pensaste podías mantener oculto. Lamentas no ser la única que estaba dispuesta a sacrificarse por los que ama. Lamentas ser forzada a permanecer viva después de que yo destroce a todos los que te importan. Lamentas haber perdido a tu hijo. Pero no lamentas haber metido."Las últimas palabras se las dejo a Calliope;"Diría algunas palabras ingeniosas, pero no las mereces."(Lectura conjunta con Majo, Mass e Izzy, a pesar de todo, gracias chicas! Las adoro <3)

  • Winnie
    2019-05-15 01:38

    I need this book NOW! NOT March 2013.Goddess Inheritance, the last book in the Goddess Test Series like all the other previous books is an emotional roller costar, but this conclusion rankled! Secrets were spilled, a new beginning is promised and death isn’t far from the Horizon. BUT fOR WHOM? It was worth the wait! Kate and Henry’s struggles just might have come to an end… although Happily ever after? HUH! I can give too much away, but lets just say I was beguiled and ended up muttering, “fucking GREEK gods”! I loved it. It was an engrossing story, yet it felt unfinished… I wanted more Henry!Goddess Inheritance had an edge of my sit twist that left me with a bitter taste in my mouth yet… WOW! What and ending though!A Big THANKS to NetGalley and Harlequin Teen for the ARC of Goddess Inheritance…

  • Summer
    2019-05-02 00:29

    Going into the Goddess Inheritance, I had VERY high standards. I absolutely loved Goddess Interrupted, and I feel like my opinion on this book completely differs from that of the second installment.I was totally emotionless throughout the course of the novel. With all that drama the author put into the story, you'd expect me to be at least somewhat affected. But no. This was my face the entirety of the book:As a final book, there is so much pressure on the author to create a fantastic conclusion while living up to people's standards, as well as giving everyone a feeling of satisfaction. Yeah, this book succeeded partially in that, but not fully, and I was not exactly thrilled with how everything turned out.That last scene, with the fighting and everything, was LAME to the thousandth degree. Once a solution was reached, and the conflict ceased, I was sitting there thinking, "That's it? That's what I've been eagerly anticipating?"I didn't feel like there were any real threats- as in, there was no point in which Kate found herself in a situation that was life threatening. This is due to the fact that each problem thrown at her was solved so effortlessly and quickly. Kate is pretty much the MAIN reason as to why I gave this book such a low rating. She really made me want to pull my hair out. She was judgmental and self-absorbed. She expected everyone to listen to her, while she didn't bother to listen to anyone but herself. She reminds me of those girls that are so full of themselves and walk around as if they are better than everyone around them."My throat swelled until I could barely breathe. "Get out."Ava blinked. "But someone needs to be with you --""I'd rather have Calliope here than you, you traitorous bitch," I spat. "Get out."Her eyes watered, and to my satisfaction, she fled, leaving me alone with Cronus and Calliope. Ava deserved this."That is just a minor example out of many of how Kate was -for lack of a better term- a true hater. She judged everyone, acting as if she could see right through them. She deemed everyone as a bitch, even people who genuinely wanted to help her.And that last bit, "Ava deserved this." Seriously, like what the hell. Since when did she become an expert on reading people? Really? These are the type of people you stay away from in life, these judgmental haters. I am surprised that Henry wants to spend all of eternity with her. Kate expects everyone to listen to her, even though she is only- what? 18? These gods are thousands of years old. Obviously, they have more experience than her, why should they listen to what she says? I also hated the way she was so forceful and acted like she had the full right to boss everyone around. The author tried to make her seem like a "strong heroine", but in reality she only came across as a major jerk.The Goddess Inheritance -actually The Goddess Test series as a whole- does a horrible job of representing Greek mythology. It portrays a watered down version, filled with unnecessary drama, similar to that of a very bad soap opera. Cronus is meant to be the main villain in this book. Despite what the characters insist, Cronus does not seem as bad as they make him out to be. I didn't feel very scared of him. The main reason as to why he did not succeed in frightening me is the fact that he succumbed to Calliope's wishes, making it seem as if she had power over him. This is the part where I get confused; why would Calliope have so much influence over an all-powerful (or seemingly so) god such as Cronus? As my friend Melanie points out in her review (you can read it here) the recurring theme of sacrifices is VERY repetitive in this novel, to the point where the plot becomes dull and predictable. Using it once, twice at most, in a novel is effective, but any more than that makes the book boring and not very interesting. A book lacking of depth and originality, and filled with an annoying protagonist, The Goddess Inheritance is not a novel I would recommend. When compared to other books of the same genre, such as Percy Jackson and the Olympians, or even Everneath, The Goddess Inheritance does an unpleasant job of portraying Greek mythology.

  • Giselle (Book Nerd Canada)
    2019-05-07 19:26

    May contain spoilers for the first two books: The Goddess Test and The Goddess Inheritance.I find Kate to be whiny. She’ll say one thing then do the opposite. I’m not sure if I enjoyed this. Maybe I turned a blind eye (or ear in this case) but I can’t stand her annoying tirades. I do know that crying is a great way to relieve your stress but she cries a lot and I just wished she would do something about it. She is a flawed character and I liked that but I just forgot how terribly whiny she was. I liked how there was more Henry and Cronus in this one, and I also like how there was more action. I almost wished there were different perspectives so we could see what each of the characters were thinking!The pacing in this one fell a little flat because I felt the beginning and the middle was ultimately gearing up for a huge finale and I can fully understand that but the ending felt rushed. I would have wanted it to be more fully fleshed out. It felt like a great dumping I an ending.I pretty much forget which God and Goddess was which, since I read the second book over a year ago. I also had to look at my final copies for the list of their names so I could fully remember who was who. This is what happens when you read previous book a year or so ago.Good enough but I felt her first two books were stronger. I’m still fully invested in Aimee’s writing because she can write romance rather well.CharactersLoved the characters!Pacing/LengthA little slow, but the length is just right!Cover/DesignLoved the cover! It’s my favourite!PlotLoved the ending!Overall, perfect for any romance fan!

  • Nymeria
    2019-05-09 23:37

    A beautiful conclusion to what has officially become one of my favorite series. I was literally devastated by the last pages of Goddess Interrupted, with its cliffhanger that had left me in crisis for days. But all the pain caused by the distance from the third and final book release has been well rewarded. I have not been at all disappointed by "The Goddess Inheritance" which indeed proved to be the best of all three books of the series of Goddess Test.I loved Kate, although she has always been a wise girl despite her young age, due to the illness of her mother, in "The Goddess Inheritance" she has proven to be a real fighter, ready to do anything to save the people she loves, willing to give up her own life to protect them. Deprived of what she holds dearest in the world, Kate will do everything, even to come to terms with the enemy.Henry, who left me a little disappointed because of his insecurity in Goddess Interrupted, now showed his strength and put everything at risk in order to obtain a well-deserved happiness.Calliope and Chronus have proven to be villians difficult to forget, with their wickedness and their hatred of Kate and the God's Council they proved to be ruthless beings. "The Goddess Inheritance" is story full of twists, pressing, with never a quiet moment but we are immediately thrown in the fight against the Titan and the traitor.Intrigues and betrayals follow one another in the story, page after page, leaving us with the question of who to trust to the end. In the struggle for survival nothing is as it seems and to distrust of everything is the only way to win.Will The enemy be defeated? Is the happiness of Kate now lost?Thanks to NetGalley & Harlequin Teen for providing me with an early copy of this book!

  • Elena
    2019-05-01 19:37

    I th-th-think....this cover is *___________________________*And this cover.And this.

  • Meredith Shaheed
    2019-05-05 21:38

    really good book. did not completely captivate me like the others, however. good conclusion. ---------------------previous review:I. want. it. now.What the heck - she ends with SUCH. A. FREAKING. CLIFF. HANGER. This next year will be pure torture.

  • Circe
    2019-05-01 19:16

    ¿Nunca han sentido que tienen un peso encima y que quieren quitárselo? Éso, me pasó con éste libro. Gracias cielo por ser el último de esta insufrible trilogía. La siguiente reseña contiene spoilers del primer y segundo libro, y las pequeñas historias.Como siempre, al iniciar este libro como los dos anteriores tuve el problema de que no pude parar de leerlo hasta acabarlo. El trama. Al terminar el segundo libro vemos que Kate -sorpresa, sorpresa- quedó embarazada y Calliope con la ayuda de Ava se la llevaron y la hicieron prisionera, al iniciar este libro ya Kate está por dar a luz, y comienzan los problemas.¿Mi problema con todo esto? Que no se sintió un desenlace de toda la trilogía. A decir verdad, ni veo un verdadero trama en esta trilogía porque en cada libro se solucionan todos los problemas. En fin, además de todo lo sucedido: Cronos, bebés, traiciones, dramas adolescentes, llantos, bebés, dramas adolescentes, Cronos, llantos, dramas adolescentes, ¿seguimos? Nos metemos en la querida ignorancia de Kate, es tan increíble su ignorancia. No sé qué mitología le enseñaron a Kate pero ¡¿QUIÉN CREÍAS QUE ERA TU PADRE?! ¡¿SANTA CLAUS?! ¡¿BRAT PITT?! ¡¿JOHNNY DEPP?! Porque claramente eres hija de Zeus ¿de quién más? Lamentablemente desde que Kate descubre que Walter/Zeus es su padre se pasa el otro 80% del libro hablando y riñendo sobre eso. Qué cansancio.Ya yo estaba a inicios del libro así:Y ni hablar sobre el “enamoramiento” que tiene con Henry, solamente te tengo una pregunta Kate: Si amas “tanto” a tu querido esposo, ¿Por qué siempre estás coqueteando, manoseando, andando, y hasta necesitando a su sobrino? No jodas. Oh, todavía no he terminado.Además de todo eso, y la gran ignorancia de Kate, todavía ella me logra sorprender más, ¡la estupidez de Kate es única!Su familia siempre le miente, además de que su mamá la tuvo solamente para ser el reemplazo de su primera hija y que se casara con Henry, además de que Kate siempre quiere pegarles los cachos a Henry con James quien se acostó, con adivinen... ¡CON SU HERMANA! Lo peor de todo es que perdona a todos por TODAS las cosas que hacen. Más peor aún es que nunca tiene intuición sobre las cosas que claramente van a pasar. Por eso, nunca me he llegado a sorprender en algunos de estos libros. Ugh, pero no solamente eso, ¡KATE SIEMPRE SE ECHA LA CULPA DE TODO! Sí chama, tienes la culpa del calentamiento global, de los gobiernos de mierda, ¡y el cáncer! No se te olvide el cáncer. ¡Qué bueno que este es el último libro!¡Adiós Kate! ¡Hasta nunca! Estoy segura que me olvidaré de ti rápido.Gracias Majo, Cande e Izzy por leer esta insufrible trilogía conmigo, y soportamos a Kate y la terminamos. Tenemos que hacer otra lectura chicas, já <3.PD: NO sugiero leer esta trilogía.PD2: Milo, me das pena. Con una familia así... Mejor ni digo nada.

  • Lexi Hoefer
    2019-05-23 19:39

    Will read this book if it is the last thing I do.

  • Beth
    2019-04-29 02:33

    Horrendous! Awful! Terrifying! Is it May yet? I ask that because Meg Cabot is releasing the next book in her Abandon series which features her version of Hades/Persephone. Or how about Josephine Angelini's Starcrossed series? Anything is better than this series! My goodness, I enjoyed the first book Goddess Interrupted even though I was underwhelmed and not impressed, I figure that the relationship between Henry and Kate would move forward...but alas!!!Here is what drove me absolutely bonkers about Aimee Carter's series.1.) This book reads like an echo. The internal happenings and narrative voice is just reiterated over...and over again through the dialog between characters. We spend page upon page reading the same thing. This book kind of gives the feel like it was severely rushed. I can't understand how it went through the revision process and still reads like a rough draft? There are a lot of things in my opinion that could have been smoothed or ironed out.2.) The characters in this book are supposed to be gods and goddesses- or at least adults, but they interact with each other like my six and seven year olds. The relationships are surface deep, and elementary.3.) How the hell does Carter put a baby in the middle of everything that its own mother doesn't get to hold until page 170ish?! I wanted to kill Kate myself for all her wishy-washy thoughts and actions. I felt not attachment, no bond and no nothing when it came to Milo's birth or any scenes involving him. 4.) I would highly encourage Aimee Carter to look in to taking a Women's Studies class at some university or college because this series is extremely based around a patriarchal society that devalues women and typifies traditional gender roles of the 1800's. To name a few; Chronos (sp?) heals Kate right after she gives birth, giving her back the exact body she had before she was pregnant. Why does a man have to restore her body? Henry calls her his claim, even though he attempts to thwart Kate's feelings about this and defends himself by saying he was protecting is unbelievable. How many guys in this series had multiple affairs, multiple children and were emotionally unavailable to them all? I mean, even Henry is a douchebag. I don't know. I hated it. I can see if you are twelve years old why you would read this book...but it was a waste of seven bucks for me. It was awful.

  • Felicitia
    2019-05-07 21:22

    UPDATE: 28/02/13Oh God. This book is really something. I can't say that it's the best that I've read this year, but I don't even know why I just can't drop this book down and stop reading until I am finished. Seriously, I don't know. Ok..... I finished it like in, 2 days? that's the fastest this year.This should've been tiring for me. Most of, no, the whole book is about war between the Titans and the Olympians. But maybe it's because of my interest in greek mythology that I seem to be attached to this book. I loved the way Aimee Carter re-tells the Persephone and Hades myth and manages to make it different, by putting a third character between Hades and Persephone (most that I've read is just a boy and a girl and the myth in a different ver, some uses the God's real name and some modern names). And it is told in first point of view! (yay)I admit that most of the time, I actually hated Kate. She is really stubborn and sometimes..... just irritates me. But she is the main character, and most of the time if I didn't like the main I wouldn't like the story (this happens in first person POV only) but again, I just don't know why I like this book so much that I am sad it all ends. And what's really weird is that, at the end Kate will meet Eros (or Eric, Ava's son), I think he just said like one sentence? really, it's just a tiny little part in the book, but I think Eric is my favorite character. (I think it's love at first sight) WHY? I don't even know............OH and wtf, I was like "How is this going to end? Is Cronus going to be dead? How are they going to kill him?" But no! it was just like.......... THAT! wtf. (view spoiler)[all they need is Rhea. If Kate manages to convince her to help in chapter 6 the book might end just there. 6 chapters (hide spoiler)]All I can say is that I loved this book, with it's strength and weaknesses. Gosh I'm sad it's all over.2012I've been keeping this emotion (?) for quite some time now (since I finished the second) and now, I'm just going to write it here so I won't explode..okay, I really want to read this book.. NO! I. REALLY.NEED. TO. READ. THIS. BOOK. RIGHT. NOW!!AAAAA REALLY CANT WAIT FOR FEBRUARY '13!!(curse you cliffhangers!!)

  • Michela Walters
    2019-05-03 00:40

    I was so excited to receive an ARC of The Goddess Inheritance, only to feel a bit let down by the end of it all.I really, really wanted to love this book, but by the end I grew to pretty much dislike Kate by the end. What I originally loved about The Goddess Test was how strong, intelligent and compassionate Kate was in that book. In this one, it’s like her character did a complete 180, turning into a blubbering wishy-washy character who stopped listening to those around her, instead choosing to be the martyr and generally screwing up what plans Walter and the others in the council had planned for Cronus.Though Henry was in this book more than the last, there was very little interaction between the two for much of the book. While Henry did grow as a character through each of the books, Kate seemed to regress to the whiny teenager instead of the goddess she now was.I did like how Kate finally pulled up her bootstraps and used her brain to figure out how to help everyone in the end, but by then I was already annoyed and had pretty much completely written off her character. I wish I liked it more than I did, because I seriously loved The Goddess Test. The ending was a bit cliché and rushed, leaving me feeling like I needed one more chapter to really complete the trilogy. From the way the book ended, I have a feeling if Aimee Carter wanted to continue the series, there was an opening for her to do just that. I only pray that if there is another one, Kate comes back as the fierce, tough girl I grew to love at the beginning of the series.A must read for those anxious about the cliffhanger from the last book, but keep your expectations at a reasonable level.

  • Brittney Andrews (beabookworm)
    2019-04-28 00:37

    "Nostalgia is a seductive liar." - George BallThis series was definitely a drive-thru read for me. It was fast-paced, deliciously cheesy, greasy at times, and full of unrequited love!Pros:⚡ *said in Cher Horowitz's voice* Greek mythology based characters, duh!⚡ witty banter⚡ cheesy romance (it's gouda, trust me)⚡ unexpected plot twists⚡ action-packed scenes⚡ selfless MCCons:⚡ slightly annoying and insecure protagonist⚡ lack of character development ⚡ unanswered questions ⚡ too many repetitive scenes⚡ super nostalgic character *coughs Henry's name*HEA:(view spoiler)[Yes! Kate and Henry get their happily ever after. (hide spoiler)]WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM: Holy moly! - TONS of sexual references throughout this series. PG-13, people!PERFECT FOOD PAIRING: McDonald's.Extra blurb from Henry's POV by Aimee Carter: Click me